Duplicate keys & Re Key

When you own a business in a commercial building, chances are that you are going to have to give out keys to the doors to your employees. While this is simply a necessity, it can cause some issues to come up as well.

If you have an employee who has a set of keys to your building and you end up firing them for whatever reason or if they simply quit, you do not want to have to worry about these people being able to enter your building again at any time that they would like.

As a business owner it is your responsibility to know who has access to your buildings at all times. Having the right locks on the doors is the first step. When you think you may have security issues with your locks, having the locks rekeyed is a great option. You can also have the entire lock replaced, but if the locks are in good shape this is not necessary as a simple rekeying can be completed.

Another issue is if you own rental properties. When you are renting apartments or homes you want to be able to guarantee that your new tenants are the only ones that have keys. As an owner of several apartment buildings I always call on Locksmith Surroundings to have each of the locks on the apartments rekeyed once a tenant first moves out.

Locksmith Surroundings also provides duplicate keys. As a landlord I often need duplicate keys made for my tenants who lose their keys or simply so that I know that I have access to my buildings at all times as necessary.

If you are a commercial building owner, there is likely going to come a time when you are going to want to have your locks rekeyed or even replaced. In addition, chances are that you are going to need duplicate keys made for these locks over time. Locksmith Surroundings is the perfect choice for helping you rekey your locks and to make all of the duplicate keys that you may need for the building.

Locksmith Surroundings only hires professional locksmiths who are certified. These locksmiths know exactly what they are doing and will have the job completed for you in no time at all.