Ignition Key Repair

Just as with other parts of your car, there is a chance at some point in time that the ignition may stop working with the key that you currently have. This may be caused by something being wrong with the ignition itself or it could be because of the ignition key.

If you have had to have the ignition of your car repaired, you may also need to have an ignition key repair completed as well. Most of the time when a new ignition is installed, a new key will have to be made. This is because the ignition and the key work hand and hand in the operation of your vehicle. In order for the key to work with the ignition they both must be programmed the same way.

Typically if your key is not working in the ignition there is often something wrong with the ignition. This may be how the cylinder is reading the key or it could be a problem with the ignition switch. If the problem is within the ignition cylinder, it may have to be replaced. Once it is replaced it is common to rekey the ignition cylinder with the old key code. However, some people choose to have new keys made using a different code.

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If you have an ignition that is causing you problems, it may be time for an ignition key repair. Chances are that if you are having these problems you may need to have the ignition replaced and your new keys programmed so that they can be used for your new ignition.