Lock Combination Change

If you own any type of safe or other device that uses a lock combination you may not think about changing the combination on it. However, having the combination changed is a good practice for any safe that you use for your valuables, be it at home or for your business.

If you run a business that uses a safe it is a good idea to have a lock combination change completed regularly, especially if you have employees who were given the combination to the safe and no longer work for you. Just as you will want to change the locks on your doors when you let an employee go, you should also change the combination of your safe.

Locksmith Surroundings has safe technicians available all day every day. They are happy to come to your business and change the combination of the lock for you. Typically the entire process will take just a few minutes. The locksmiths are equipped with the right tools and the knowledge in order to safely change your lock combination for you. In addition, the locksmith is happy to perform routine maintenance for your safe and make sure that the lock is in working order.

If you have forgotten the combination to your safe, our locksmiths can also crack open the safe and then reset the combination for you. A locksmith will drill the safe in order to gain entry. Once this process is completed, the hole will be repaired and your safe will be in good working order once again, complete with a new combination.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with your safe, contact Locksmith Surroundings and one of our experienced locksmiths will be happy to answer any questions or concerns about our services that you may have.