Lock Rekey

When it comes to having a lock rekey completed, the process is not as difficult as one may think, at least it is not difficult for an experienced locksmith. Essentially, rekeying a lock simply involves adjusting the lock so that the lock still works, but it will need a new key in order to open.

A lock rekey is a cost effective option that many homeowners do not even know about. A lock rekey is cheaper than having all of the locks on your doors replaced. If your locks are in good shape, rekeying the locks is a much better option than changing all of the locks. A lock rekey will let you keep the same basic components of the lock, but it will now take a different key in order to open it.

There are many reasons to consider rekeying the locks of a home. Often times a homeowner will want a single key to use for every door. This is convenient for the homeowner and a simple rekeying of all of the locks in the home can easily make this happen.

The professional locksmiths from Locksmith Surroundings are well trained and equipped to help homeowners re key their locks.

In order to rekey locks a professional locksmith will have to have access to the current key that works in the lock, the lock, and a new key that you want to rekey the lock to. The act of rekeying your locks will not take up too much time as these professional locksmiths have done this type of job over and over again. The most time is taken up by the process of getting the lock out of the door.

If you need your locks rekeyed for any reason, contact a professional today to get started on the job.