Transponder Services

The majority of us have had the inconvenient and frustrating experience of being stuck outside of our vehicle for whatever reason. There is a potential of a car remote being lost in this process. Car remotes in newer cars are often combined within the key itself and how you can get these replaced will depend greatly on the make and the model of your car.

Many ignition keys for vehicles now have transponders that will electronically communicate with a car in order to prevent it from being stolen. These keys will not work unless they have been programmed to match with the vehicle. In some autos the transponder chip has to be in the exact distance of a key that is fully inserted into the ignition. However, many cars are a bit more forgiving and just need the transponder chip to be in the general area of the vehicle.

If your key has been broken, stolen, or lost, they can easily be replaced by an automotive locksmith. A professional locksmith will be able to cut a new key and have it programmed to your vehicle. The cost of the service will depend on the type of key that it is. If you have a transponder chip key, the replacement cost is going to be a bit more expensive than if you drive an older car with a regular key.

If you need to have a transponder chip key replaced, Locksmith Surroundings is here to help. Our trained technicians will use the VIN of your vehicle in order to find the appropriate code to create a new key for you to use. This process will typically does not take very long to complete and you will be on your way in just a short amount of time.