What is Lock Installation?

If you want to make your new home more secure or if you need to change the outdated locks for your home, Locksmith Surroundings is capable of installing your new locks correctly, efficiently, and for a good value. Our trained locksmith technicians can update your entire lock system to meet your particular needs. You will be provided with keys to your new locks and copies of the keys can be made upon request.

Does Changing Locks Really Matter?

You may be wondering if changing the locks on your home or business really does make a difference. The short answer is yes, having your locks replaced can help make your home safer. If your current locks are in good condition you do not have to replace them, unless you want a different type of lock installed. Instead, our service technicians can rekey the locks for you.

When you move into a new home it is difficult to know exactly who has a key to the current locks on the doors. Changing out the locks with a custom lock installation will ensure that you know the only people who have keys to the locks.

If you own a business and have given out keys to employees who may no longer work for you, rekeying or a new lock installation can help keep your business safe as you will be able to keep track of who has keys to the new system.

A lock installation should be done be a professional in order to make sure the process is completed correctly. If you need a new lock installation or your current locks rekeyed, call Locksmith Surroundings today. One of our trained technicians will be happy to work with you to ensure the safety of your home or business.